About ING Markets

At ING Markets we strive to deliver structured investment solutions that add value to the end investor. ING has a significant history in structured products. On the financial markets developments pass by quickly and changes occur every day. In this ever-changing environment, it is our responsibility to deliver transparent and understandable products, along with a reliable service.

The way we work

Our goal is to open up financial markets to all kinds of private investors. By providing clear and transparent information, we commit ourselves to delivering products that reflect the needs of our clients. This means that the products we deliver are easy to understand.

Our products

Our public investment solutions enable investors to benefit from short-term market movements or long-term trends. With a global representation (borders no longer exist), investors can benefit from worldwide opportunities and ideas. Our products are characterised by various risk-return profiles and asset classes, covering equity, interest and commodities.

The team

ING Markets is a global network of highly skilled specialists. With offices in Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Madrid, New York, Singapore and Hong Kong, we act upon the latest trends, not only concerning markets and assets, but also regulations. As we always want to stay one step ahead, our day starts with checking the news and recent developments in the world. In our day-to-day business we have close contact with our clients by phone and regular on-site visits. We understand that time is precious. Our turn-around time to deliver products and provide you with our services is of the highest standard.

What we can offer you? Take a look at our website or contact our teams.

We support EUSIPA

ING Markets supports the European Structured Investment Products Association, also known as Eusipa. Eusipa has introduced uniform standards of structured investment products in Europe and is supported by a wide range of market participants, including regulators, issuers, exchanges and data providers. With an increasing interest for structured products in Europe, a wide-spread classification strengthens the transparency and comprehension of these products. While visiting our website, you will find a Eusipa classification for each of our products. In essence, we offer you products in the following main Eusipa categories:

  • Investment products
  • Capital Protection
  • Yield Enhancement
  • Participation
  • Trading products
  • Leverage without Knock-out
  • Leverage with Knock-out

Based upon these Eusipa categories, investors can select the risk-return profile that best suits their wishes. Within a specific category, products can be easily compared and performances checked. To enable you to learn more about one product, we provide a summary of all the relevant details for that specific product, including the latest performance, a current Factsheet and an overview of related products. With the latest information on our site, we want to help investors make conscious choices when it comes to structured investment products. We strongly advise investors to always contact their bank, broker or financial advisor when considering investing in structured products.

Find more information on the Eusipa website